First Garden Harvest (because we planted really late)

And then Isabella walks in and asks, "What's for dinner?"  And her reply is, "No, no, I am not eating that!"  


Another Pinterest moment ruined.


School is Back in Session

So Isabella has started school here and it has been a lifesaver for us all.  She has been waiting for this day for the last month.  She kept telling me, "I wish I was going to school. I love school."  and so on. She was so excited the first day that she was dressed and her bed made up by like 5:30 in the morning.  (I only know that because Jason told me when he came in from work.  I figure 6:00 is early enough for me to be getting up.)  We have desperately needed some structure around here with Jason working at night, and us trying to be quiet during the day with nowhere to go in the 100 degree heat and no one to go there with.

As well as starting first grade Isabella has been able to start riding the bus to school.  This is probably the coolest thing that has happened to us since moving to Las Cruces, and I am not exaggerating, (take that as you will).  Her last school did not have busses which I always thought was crazy since pick up and drop off were such a pain.  The bus makes it so much easier with Wally, and Isabella likes riding it so score on 2 counts.  She also decided that she wanted to try school lunch so she has been doing that this week.   Friday she had nachos with cheese.  Is that really a lunch food? And don't even get me started on the chocolate milk.  It was funny when I went into the cafeteria to sign her up it smelled exactly the same as when I had school lunch 30 years ago.  Ahh, memories.

Little Wally and I have joined Stroller Strides again to get out of the house and meet some other moms and lose some weight (me not Wally, her little chubby thighs are cute.)  So far it is going well.  Wally is good in the stroller.  We haven't met anyone that has asked me to be their new BFF, but maybe next week.  These ladies are pretty serious about the workout so hopefully I will get in shape.

Overall Isabella is settling in to her new school well.  She is a pretty adaptable kid.  I am amazed at how well she takes change.  I still miss San Diego so much all of the time.  I really hope that we will be moving back there in a couple of years.  I just can't imagine Las Cruces being our home for very long, bus or no bus.

Isabella on the first day of school.


The lush paradise that is our yard.


Isabella at her new school.

Riding the bus on the second day of school.


There she goes!


Happy Hippos Hanging Out in Albuquerque

After a happily uneventful flight I arrived in Albuquerque, and met up with my parents at the airport. After having some lunch we got down to the important buisiness of visiting the Albuquerque hippos.   There were two smaller hippos and one big guy who stayed in the water the whole time.  The two little hippos chased a ball around the pond until the big one came over to nudge it away.  
















Happy Easter






Nothing Says, "I Love You" like Bacon


I was searching for tasty, tasty popsicle recipes when I came across this little gem.  It is a maple rice crispy treat.  With bacon.  Yes, that is right, bacon.  Now I don't know about you,  but I am pretty sure nothing says romance like bacon.  And bacon in a heart shape is almost irresistible.  

So needless to say I whipped up a batch of these puppies yesterday.  And then I made Jason take half of them to work so I wouldn't eat them all.  I really wanted to share these, but I wasn't sure bringing them to Isabella's class was the best idea.  It is possible I might put some vegetarian kid off rice crispy treats for life.   I am thinking of making bacon a kind of theme for Valentine's Day this year.  If you decide that you want to share the bacon love the recipe is here  (scroll down)

 I have also changed the photo viewing options on all the photo galleries.  Now when you click on a month it will pull up all the thumbnails.  If you click on the first thumbnail, it will pop up the pictures in a slide show.  The photos in the slide show have a description and title.  If there is more than once page of photos within a month you have to go to the second page and then start the slide show again.  I can't seem to get around that.  I Hope that you like the larger, easier to view pictures.  All the old galleries should be changed over as well.