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A Very Hipstamatic Halloween

I have finally joined the the 21st century, and purchased an i-phone.  While I am not normally swayed by the latest technological goodness, the i-phone is pretty much the best phone ever.  A monkey could work this phone (possibly why I like it so much, just imagining all those monkeys jumping around would make anyone smile.)  It is like a tiny little computer.  In your hand.  It is like something you would have imagined would be really cool back in the 80's when all of the graphics were fuzzy square shaped boxes (oh Agent USA , I remember you fondly).  The future is NOW. 

Well, aherm anyway, I really like my new phone and I have a fun little app that lets you take vintage style pictures.  You can change your film, flash, and lens to create different effects.  It is very, very, fun.  These are some of the Halloween photos I took.







Don't they just look all arty and stuff?


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