I Can't Believe...

there is a song called, "Please Daddy don't get Drunk this Christmas".  Ahh, making a Christmas CD has never been more interesting.  It has been added to my Christmas playlist, because really how can you not want to hear a song with that title?


Weekend Learning

A second prompt because I am late in posting.

Today I thought about the weekend, and what makes a weekend for us.  Jason has a really unusual schedule, and currently has Tue. Wed. and Thur. off.  I have found that I really don't enjoy Saturday and Sunday because Jason is at work and Isabella and I don't have plans with anyone else because they are with their families on those days.  After having a child, I have found that the weekend really starts when another adult is around to keep me company and share in the childcare.  Having someone to talk to throughout the day makes a big difference.


Grateful for Small Things

Today's prompt was about focusing on things that you are grateful for.  I don't usually talk about gratitude out loud because i don't want to sound schmaltzy, but for today I will make an exception. 

 I thought about a lot of things throughout the day, some were big, but I decided to go with something small. I learned that I am lucky to have a husband who will make funny animal voices for the hippo and the alligator with me. It is pretty hilarious, and if I am in a bad mood, there is no way that you can stay mad at a talking alligator. (Although sometimes that alligator can talk a lot of smack.)



I started an online project last month where you were supposed to create something everyday, and if possible post in on the project website.  It was called Learn Something New Every Day, and unfortunately I started it on the 9th of September so I was already behind when I started.  I decided that I wanted to finish the project, and I thought that maybe I would post it here over the next month to ensure that I actually did finish it. 

Sometimes I did learn something new, and sometimes just documented something that happened, or something I was thinking about.  The class gave us a prompt to think about every day, and often that is what I based my page on.  The pictures were all taken in the last few months if not specifically for this project.  Each page is supposed to be simple and quick, and if i actually finish it I should have 30 pages (in no specific order).


The BBQ and Hippo (but not BBQ'ed hippo) Tour

Jason and I are leaving for our vacation tomorrow evening, and it is not a moment too soon.  We were originally going to Cabo for a week, but due to swine flu we changed our plans to a week in Texas.  Now some of you may be wondering why we would do that since there have been cases of swine flu in both Texas and San Diego, but not in Cabo, and all I can really say is that we changed our tickets at the height of the swine flu scare, and now Texas BBQ has lured us in. 

Since then I have spent hours planning our trip, and we now have an "itinerary".  Jason and I have very different ideas of vacationing.  He is content to just go somewhere and lay around and read a book.  Preferably someplace with a beach.  I, on the other hand, don't feel like I am on vacation unless I have something planned for every minute.  A couple of years ago when my mom and I went to Hawaii I almost did her in, but I can say that we didn't miss anything.  The only person who has ever surpassed me in the "active vacationing" department was my friend Joni on our whirlwind 1 day in Rome trip. 

Following is a brief (very brief) summary of our trip.

Thursday night: Drive to Arizona where Squish will be spending a week with Grandma Suzy and Grandpa Kevin.  I really want to say, "thank you" to them for watching Isabella for the week!

Friday:  We hang out in Phoenix.

Saturday: We fly to San Antonio and drive to Corpus Christi

Sunday:  Beach in Corpus Christi 

Monday: Drive into San Antonio, see the zoo and riverwalk, spend the night.

Tuesday:  Visit the Alamo, drive to Fredericksburg

Wednesday:  Check out Fredericksburg and surrounding area

Thursday: Drive to Hutto Texas the hippo capital of Texas, drive to New Braunfels

Friday: Go to the Schlitterbaun waterpark

Saturday: See New Braunfels, and the Natural Bridge Caverns, fly to Phoenix

 I hope to be filling everyone in on the vacation and how it turns out.  There is lots of BBQ that I didn't mention and we will be seeing a real live hippo at the San Antonio Zoo.  Viva la Vacation!