Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there, except for spider moms, because that is just gross. 


Death and Destruction

It has been a crazy year for colds.  Squisher has had multiple coughing colds, croup, and strep, and now she has some sort of poopy thing that will be preventing her from going to preschool tomorrow.  She seems to be feeling fine other than that, although she had a fever on Friday. 

And if that isn't bad enough apparently we now have swine flu here in California.  Really, what is up with that!  We actually have a trip sceduled at the end of May to Mexico.  I want to stress that I have never been to Mexico before, but somehow the first time I plan to go we have a swine flu outbreak.  The amount of illness since Christmas in this house is about equal to all of my colds in the last ten years. 

So we will be avoiding friends, the gym, and preschool yet again until Squisher is better.  I would like to end this post on a happy note with some sort of clever quip, but unfortunately my own head cold is urging me just to get post it and put up the damn pictures already.



                                                                                                     This is a photo of my very first farmers market produce box.  The greens looked quite nice as did the carrots and celery, but I was a bit disappointed with the tomatoes, apples, and squash.  Some of the tomatoes and the bottom of the squash was starting to go bad, and the apples just weren't very pretty.  I am signed up for every other week for the next 12 weeks, so I will re-evaluate at that point and decide if I just want to find out what is in season, and buy it for myself at the market.

In other news, Squisher just started her third week of the coughing cold.  She seemed to be improving and her nose had stopped running, and then bam her nose started running again on Thursday and her cough sounds worse.  I went ahead and bought her a vaporizer and some childrens' vicks rub so I will see if that helps her.  I may just have to keep her home for a while, but I am hoping that it will end soon.  I have already missed a week and a half at the gym, and she is about to miss her second birthday party due to this cold!


New Year

                                                                                    WoWEw, I have totally missed all of the holidays so I am posting the November and December photos. I have noticed that I take a lot of pictures in October and November, but very few pictures in December. I think this is because it gets busier in December, there is less light, and a lot of the holiday stuff takes place indoors (and it is almost impossible to take a good picture indoors.) I have a list of things I want to take pictures of next year, so hopefully more holiday photos next year.

The picture at the top is the picture I wanted to send out in my Christmas cards, but since I didn't get that done, please enjoy it now.

Now that the new year is here, I am focusing more on new year’s resolutions. I want to eat more fruits and vegetables in the new year and I want Squisher to eat more too. I just joined a program where you get a box of local, organic produce every other week, and I am very excited. They just give you whatever is in season, so I am expecting some strange and unusual things. I just bought some swish chard at the farmers market so we are off to a good start. Not that Squisher is interested in new vegetables. She loves fruit, but has no interest in vegetables. I bought the book, Deceptively Delicious, and am now putting purees into some of her foods. Some of the recipes are good, and some need some adjustment. So the vegetable thing is going well so far.

Of course I have also resolved to lose weight, because you can't start a new year without that.  Go weightloss!  As far as I know Squisher has no new year's resolutions.  Maybe watch as much WALL E as possible, but that directly conflicts with my resolution for less TV so we will see.  I also want to update the website more, but we all know how that turned out last year.  Oh well, we still have hope it is only January 22.


Daylight Savings Time

Someone forgot to tell Squisher about daylight savings.

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