Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween everyone! I have been trying to take lots of pictures this month, but it has been really hard to get some good ones. Isabella doesn't hold still and pose, so I get a lot of pictures of the top of her head. My new camera also has a problem with the lens, so I need to take it in, and the old one pretty much blurs everything, even in outdoor lighting. I am going to take it in tomorrow because I have put it off much too long, and I was pretty disappointed with the pumpkin carving photos we took today. Anyhow I have put some new photos up in September and October!


Busy Times

Wow, there has been a lot going on here lately.  In April my parents came down for an extended weekend, and then Mike and Chris came down to see us the following week.  Jason then took Isabella to Suzy and Kevin's in Arizona leaving me alone for 4 wonderful days of quiet and cleanliness.  Suzy and Kevin came down for the Streak over Mother's Day, and then Suzy came up to watch Isabella at the end of May so that I could go out of town for Kristina's wedding.  Jason had to be away for work during the time I needed to be in Salt Lake, so Suzy saved our bacon, because otherwise Jason would have just had to take Isabella to work with him. 

Squisher is saying more and more words, but is also getting more and more frustrated when she wants something and (a) we don't know what it is she wants or (b) we can't or won't give it to her right that very moment.  I have been trying to get out and keep her entertained because just trying to hang out at the house does not work for us unless she is eating, sleeping or having books read to her.  I guess we both will just have to hang in there.

I am very excited because my parents are coming next weekend to watch Isabella for a week so that Jason and I can take our Southern California vacation.  This will be the first time that the two of us have been away from the Squisher together.  I keep asking myself why we haven't done something like this before, but I have figured out that it is because we like to actually see people when they come to visit or we go to visit them.  Maybe in the future we will have to sneak in at least a weekend away together.  So hopefully there will be more updates in the future.  I have just been so worn out by the end of day, I can't seem to keep up!  Just writing this I have avoided cleaning the patio yet again :)


New Camera

I have been planning on getting a new camera for a while now.  My old camera is completely useless shooting indoors or anywhere with low light.  I have been missing out on a lot of photos because Isabella does so many things indoors.   I checked online and the Fuji Finepix F50fd was rated highly for taking photos in low light, and low and behold one magically made its way to my door a few days later (thanks mom and dad).  I am very excited about the new camera.  It works so much better and is still compact enough to fit into a purse or a pocket.  I have posted a few new photos for April, and they are much sharper than my old photos.  I will have plenty of opportunities to test it out because my parents and visiting this weekend and Mike and Chris are coming down next weekend so stay tuned. 


Raising Children

I was just reading "The Happiest Toddler on the Block", and I came across this section which I think is very true.

"Modern Western culture teaches us that it is "normal" to care for our babies without any help, locked up in our own little "huts" away from relatives and neighbors.  Having a housekeeper or a regular babysitter has become a luxury reserved only for the very rich.  In fact having other family members living with us is viewed as a misfortune of the very poor.

This increased physical isolation is especially tough on new families.  Caring for a young child is a big job. Thinking that we could, or should, do it all by ourselves is an unnatural departure from the whole of human history."

I so, so agree with this. 


The Overscheduled Child

I recently started reading a book about peaceful parenting.  The book talks about ways to make your life simpler, and stresses the importance of not scheduling every minute of your child's downtime.  The only thing I can figure out is that these people must be talking about older children who use their downtime to read or play, not squeal at the mommy, and pull things out onto the floor.  I look forward to the time when Squish has friends over to play or curls up on the sofa to read a book.  As for now Squisher has a pretty hoppin' schedule that keeps us out of the house. 

Monday through Friday we go to the gym from 8-9am and then to Stroller Strides (it is a mom workout group at the park) from 9:30 to 10:30.  Then Squisher plays with her little friends at the park (aka tries to run in the parking lot, and steal snacks from srollers) until about 11:15.  Then we go home, she has lunch and takes a nap from 12:00 to 2:00.  Two Mondays a month we have a music class that she goes to with her playgroup from 11:15 to 12:00.  We skip Stroller Strides on those days.  Every Tuesday our play group meets from 3:00 to 5:30, and all the kids play together at someone's house or the park.  We just started a gymboree session with the playgroup that meets from 3:30 to 4:30 every Thursday.  We also go to the aquarium one Monday afternoon a month.  We used to go to the zoo once a week, but we haven't been doing that as much with the other moms and babies.  We go out almost every afternoon, even if it is just to the store to kind of break up our stretch from 2 to 7.  I would like to start swimming lessons this summer with her.

Now do I actually think these classes and lesson are going to make her smarter, and give her a jump start on life?  Not really.  We just do them to get out with the other moms and kids, and it is easier for me to devote time to her if we are away from the house.  I guess that we will just have to keep our busy schedule until she is old enough to hang out and the house without entertainment.

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