The T-Rex

Hi everyone!  I wanted to put up pictures earlier but little Izzy has a rash looking thing all over her face, and I was trying to wait until it was gone to take photos.  So far it hasn't gone away, but it doesn't show up in the pictures.  This has been a really strange month.  Izzy sleeps pretty well at night.  She usually sleeps for 4 or 5 hours then wakes up, eats, and sleeps another 4 or 5 hours.  She eats more often during the day, and is awake a lot more too.  All of the books I have read say that fussiness usually peaks at 6 weeks and then starts to decline until it ends at 3 months.  I can tell that she is becoming more fussy, but it doesn't look as though she is going to have colic.  Thank God, I don't think I have the energy to handle that, regular fussiness is enough.  I am really looking forward to the 3 month mark when we are in more of a routine, and she is more interactive.  She does make really funny little T-Rex noises when she is hungry though, and that is pretty cute.


The Stork Has Come

Little Isabella Grace is here, and we both came home from the hospital on Saturday.  I will put my labor story under the spotlight section if anyone wants to read about it.  I know that kind of thing is too much information for some people so I am not putting it on the front page.  I would have posted photos earlier, but we have been busy adjusting.  Jason has been very supportive of us both, which is good because I have had crazy pregnancy hormones!  My mother also arrived on Sunday night, and I was very, very glad to see her.  It has been wonderful to have someone around who knows about babies.  The little pooper as we call her seems to be doing well.  She pretty much eats, poops, sleeps, and has gas.  I now have new respect for all mothers, and we haven't even gotten to the age when the screaming starts.  It is such a huge change for our family to go from just Jason and I to three of us.  It is amazing to think that we now have another person who we have chosen to spend our life with.


Due Date

As well as being a good name for a post apocalyptic library movie, due date is also what happened to me yesterday.  Yep, that is right it has come and gone and there is still no baby.  I would like to say that she will be here any minute, but unless I am taken completely by surprise she isn't showing up.  The doctor said that he would induce me on Friday.  I asked for this Monday or the following Monday to be well clear of Thanksgiving, but he said this Monday is too early and the 27th is too late.  Apparently, other than the head being engaged, there is no sign that the baby is coming.  I know that sometimes it can happen really fast, but I am so discouraged.  It is still hard to imagine that I am actually going to have a baby, especially now that my date has come and gone and I am still not having contractions.  Some women have contractions and are dilated for weeks before birth!  So unless something happens I will be having the baby on Friday, and I will keep you all informed.



Well I have about a month to go before this baby makes an appearance (I have no idea how that is actually going to happen), and I am roughly the size of a small, yet magestic, whale.  I remember seeing pregnant women on the street and thinking, surely I am not going to get that large, how does she possibly move around?  Get that woman a dialing wand!!  I know my friend (I have already surpassed her pregnancy gain by 10 lbs) was considering a muumuu.  I in fact bought a muumuu because I thought it would be funny to surprise Jason.  Well let me just tell you that is wasn't so funny when the muumuu was too small! 



Welcome to the new website.  I was looking for something a bit more interactive than the last website, and with this one people can post comments and I can keep a journal on the front page.  I am hoping to keep people informed about what is going on with our baby, and anything else exciting that happens to us (although I have a feeling that the baby is going to take center stage for a while).  I have to admit that up until about two years ago I found babies, and the things relating to them, to be pretty boring so I will try to include some non-baby things on the website also.  Of course my idea of a wild time usually involves some type of craft project so I am not promising much.  Anyway I hope to add more soon, feel free to post questions or comments.

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